Google’s Personalized Results Patent

Patents, patents. Yes, another Google patent to talk about, this one related
to personalization of search results and which is getting the attention of many
search marketers. Let’s dive in!

Personalization of placed content ordering in search results
(PDF file) is
the actual patent, for your reading pleasure.

Patent reading is never a pleasure for most, of course. That’s why it’s nice to
have someone break it down for you. Who’ve we got? C’mon over Loren Baker! He
takes you through a summary over at Search Engine Journal in his

Google Patent : Organic Results Ranked by User Profiling

Not enough? Rand Fishkin over at SEOmoz is usually all over doing a patent
breakdown but hit with time issues, he
summarizes Michael
Nguyen’s in depth rundown, which you’ll find


Is Google
Messing With Organic Algos?
from Paul Bruemmer steps beyond the patent to
ask what’s going on with personalization more generally.

Finally, there’s our Search Engine Watch Forums thread,

Google to Manipulate Organic Rankings with User Profile
, where there’s lots
and lots of discussion.

In particular, I want to highlight my

in the thread. Like Paul, I’m stressing not what’s in the patent
(which may or may not be in use) but rather what’s actually happening in terms
of personalization at Google, Yahoo and elsewhere.

If you’re worried about personalization, it’s especially a look at what’s
actually happening now that I’d encourage you to read up on — and I provide
lots of links in that post.

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