Google Adds Option to Limit to Creative Commons Licensed Material

Many sources including Philipp, Nathan, and Tara, have reported that Google has made an addition to their advanced search interface and now allow users to limit their search to content that carries a Creative Commons license.

Is this new limit something we haven’t seen before. Nope. Yahoo addded a Creative Commons search limit to their advanced interface (or this standalone site) on March 24th of this year.

Both Tara and Philipp do a great job of breaking down the new Google feature and report on a few problems that include:

+ Wording on results pages (Tara)
+ Lack of Wikipedia data (Philipp)

Btw, the Creative Commons site search interface allows you to search for content either using the Google or Yahoo database.

For more on finding Creative Commons material, see the SearchDay article: Finding Free Content in the Creative Commons.

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