Matt Cutts Banned On Google? And Oct. 2005 Jagger Update Winds Down

The Oct.
2005 Google Jagger update saga
that has sucked the life out of so many (but
not all; some are

blissfully unimpacted
by it) seems to be ending. Indeed, so says Google’s Matt Cutts in his
Jagger winding down
post. But Matt, if the update is over and bugs worked out, why’s your blog
banned on Google?

article I just posted for Search Engine Watch
members (go on,
support the site – become a member and get to read the full story) goes into detail
about the situation, but here are the highlights for everyone.

  • He’s not really banned, but less savvy site owners could easily get that
  • Dave Naylor presents the evidence in

    Jagger3 hahahaha
    , where he shows how a search for
    brings up no matches. That’s often a sign that a site has been banned.
  • He’s not banned, however, as a search for matt cutts
    shows. You’ll see how he’s ranking in the top results for that, which wouldn’t
    happen if he was banned.
  • But wait! Notice how he ranks twice, with listings for both
    and! That’s a canonical error — my favorite hated word and problem that I wrote
    about earlier.
    It’s Google getting confused about which domain name to use for Matt’s site (and
    other sites as well).
  • Overall, another reason for what I said
    it’s overdue for search engines to let us register all our domain names directly
    with them and indicate the ones they should be using.

Also, by winding down, that doesn’t mean
winding down on Google itself. Matt’s post wrote that you’d find it in action if
you went to the data
center. Over time — the coming days — changes will migrate to all the Google
data centers.

In some related notes, Barry at Search Engine Roundtable
points to
Saga. Part zillion
over at WebmasterWorld, where people are wondering if the
update has come to an end. It also notes that GoogleGuy has warned of a
PageRank/backlink update to happen between now and the end of the year.

Thoughts on Jagger: Recips Got Hammered, Trust Trumps All
from Andy Hagans
at the Link Building Blog is a nice, short piece summing up what he things were
the two major changes in the update.

First, reciprocal links don’t see to work as well (What are they? Want to
discuss? check out this SEW Forum thread:

Reciprocal Linking ? Dead or Alive?
). Second, sites with authority/TrustRank
seem to do better (What’s that? Check out
Yahoo My Web: An
eBay For Knowledge

Want to discuss
or comment? Visit our SEW Forum thread,
Oct. 2005
Google Update “Jagger”
. C’mon by Matt — tell us what’s going on :)

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