Mashups a Go-Go! New Mashups from MSN Virtual Earth and Yahoo Maps

It’s good to see more map mashups coming from developers working with both MSN Virtual Earth and Yahoo Maps. Here’s a look at just a couple of them. Remember, these are just released apps and bugs are bound to exist.

MSN Virtual Earth

    • Virtual Places
      Nice! All sorts of “overlays.” Add in images Flickr, travel books about a specific location, weather, local blogs, and more. Coming soon will be a tagging, sharing, and publishing. Btw, Virtual Places says it works with Firefox. However, I had problems when using my Firefox browser. Might be my problem.



  • Read All About It
    Combine MSN Virtual Earth with the book database. Enter a location and find books about the location or events that took place there.

Yahoo Maps

    • Local Events Browser
      This Ajax-based demo allows you to find events in and around San Francisco. Find events by date and tags. Add events directly to your Yahoo Calendar.



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