PC Magazine Reviews Six Comparison Shopping Sites, PriceGrabber Gets Top Honors

In a PC Magazine review of six comparison shopping sites titled: Price-Comparison Sites Strive to Save You Time and Money, Rick Broida takes a look at:

+ Become.com
+ mySimon
+ PriceGrabber.com
+ Shopping.com
+ Smarter.com
+ Shopzilla
Broida’s article also includes a look at Buy.com, Amazon.com, and eBay. Interestingly (maybe another article?) no mentions of Froogle, Yahoo Shopping, and/or MSN Shopping. Bottom Line? PriceGrabber grabs the editors’ pick. Btw, PriceGrabber also powers “product” search on Ask Jeeves. Finally, if you follow the shopping search engine scene, make sure to visit Brian Smith’s, ComparisonEngines.com blog.

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