Google Publication Ads Site & More On Print Ads

I wrote
about Vinny Lingham

that Google was going to test putting print ads in Chicago
newspapers. In case you missed it, I postscripted that with an official
confirmation of the test from Google. Meanwhile, Steve Rubel
AdJab finding
a link for people to sign up for
Google Publication Ads.

I hadn’t seen that page before, so it does seem new. The program isn’t —
Google’s been buying pages in magazines and putting advertisers in them for a
couple of months
now. But now things are looking more formalized.

The name "Google Publication Ads" also helps. Otherwise, people will be
thinking Google print ads means putting ads in the
Google Print book search service. That’s
not what this is about. Nor is it about Google advertising itself in print
publications. It’s about Google putting advertisers that come to it into print
publications, serving as a broker or placement agency for these companies.

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