Speeches, Lectures, and More Added to BlinkxTV Database

For several months I’ve suggested to all of the video and audio search players to make an attempt to crawl and provide a centralized search tool that provides access (maybe with a special interface) to some of the tens of thousands of hours of material from non-commercial organizations. I’m specifially talking about lectures, presentions, interviews, etc. emanating from univerisities, museums, think tanks, and other groups.

I’m not sure if any of my pestering led to a decision by BlinkxTV to begin development of what I’ll call a “virtutal lecture space.” That’s really not important. Regardless of how and why it happenened I’m very happy to see that Blinkx is making the effort. The research value from this type of content is massive.

As of today Blinkx is making hundreds of hours of material keyword searchable from Harvard, Princeton and Cambridge, UC Berkeley, Middlebury College, Columbia University, Washington State University to name just a few of the institutions. This Netimperative story has more info and some examples of the content you’ll find.

That’s not all. Blinkx is also announcing an arrangement with the Smithsonian Institution here in DC to make some of their video content keyword searchable.

Kudos to Blinkx for getting the ball rolling on this project and let’s hope more schools and organizations join the effort. Btw, I think it would be useful if Blinkx offered a special web site/domain/interface would allow a searcher to access this type of material and use the Blinkx SmartFeed (RSS) feature.

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