Google Sitemaps Expands To Give Query & Indexing Stats!

Google’s just added some new and long desired tools as part of its
Sitemaps system. You
can now get query stats and see top keywords driving traffic to your web site
(wow!). Crawl stats also show you how often you’ve been visited, any particular
errors and messages why, such as "You banned us with robots.txt, you idiot." OK,
it doesn’t say that, but it should. You don’t have to submit to Sitemaps to play
with the new tools — you just need to have a free Sitemaps account. Go check it
out. More details here on the Google Sitemaps
blog. I’m off
to play and will do a follow-up afterward. Want to discuss or comment? Visit our
SEW Forums thread,
New Stats On
Queries & More With Google Sitemaps

Postscript: Remember, to see the more detailed stats, you have to verify your site with Google first. Once verified, then you have access to them

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