Access Local Gas Prices via SMS with Synfonic

When we chat about SMS-based (text messaging) search we usually include the big players including Google, Yahoo, MSN (their real-time traffic alerts are very useful) and a Bay Area start-up that is doing some great work and offers several ways to access their service. One of several other company’s that don’t get a great deal of attention in this space is Synfonic. This company, also based in the Bay area, has been around for over a year (they launched a day prior to Google launching their SMS offering) and we’ve mentioned them several times here on the blog.

So why the mention today?

Synfonic offers what you would expect from an SMS provider including local directory info (powered by Yahoo), movie showtimes, stock quotes, sports scores, and more.

However, I noticed the other day that Synfonic also provides local gas price comparison info for the U.S. I haven’t seen this info available via any other SMS service. You’ll need to be a registered Synfonic user to access this service. However, registration is free and fast. Once that’s done, simply enter a Zip Code and in a few seconds you’ll receive three prices from gas stations in the Zip Code you’ve entered. It makes sense to have this info handy when you’re out and about. Instructions here.

Web-based gas price info tools include Gas Buddy and Gas Price Watch. Btw, Gas Price Watch says they’e working on a mobile version of the service.

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