Google Blogoscoped Interviews Matt Cutts

Yesterday, I posted a summary of a PubCon session that featured a live chat between Brett Tabke and Google’s answer man, and just about everything else (including blogger), Matt Cutts. Today, Philipp over on Google Blogoscoped continues his great work and has posted a “must read” interview with Matt titled: Matt Cutts, Google’s Gadgets Guy. The interview covers many topics including:

+ Matt’s work on Google SafeSearch
+ His interest in insects
+ What he does or doesn’t do on his 20% time
+ Background about his blog

I told the public relations group at Google when I was starting my blog, but no one reviews my posts before they go live. Google has a blogging policy, but it?s pretty much common-sense: don?t post confidential stuff, material financial info, etc.

+ His feelings about Daniel Brandt of
+ The no-follow tag
+ Perks about working at the GooglePlex (being able to test new things)
+ And much more including the fact he still uses Bloglines over the Google Reader. Note: Matt also doesn’t use Blogger to publish his blog.

Kudos to P.L. on the post.

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