UK: Send Maps to Mobile Phones With Multimap and Other Send to Phone Tools

Netimperative reports that online mapping service Multimap has added a “map to mobile” feature that allows the searcher to send the url of a map to their mobile phone/device via SMS (text messaging) and then click to view the map on their mobile phone/device.

The MultiMap “map to mobile” feature is currently only available in the United Kingdom but it should be online in other European countries in the “not-so-distant-future.” The service is fee-based so make sure to review the article for that info. This new service sounds similar to what Yahoo has offered with it’s “send to phone” feature for local search info, driving directions/maps, and shopping info here in the U.S.

Another service that I regularly use,, allows the sending of text, imagery, MP3’s and more via SMS (U.S. and Canada only). I plan on taking a closer look at this service in the near future.

Finally, the Firefox version of the Google Toolbar offers a “send to phone” extension (U.S.) only.

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