Yahoo Search Marketing Searches for a Content Specialist

I spend some time each week reviewing job openings at Yahoo, Google, and other search companies. Sometimes, these listings can provide clues to “new projects” the company might be working on. However, most of the time, it’s just a company in search of an employee. I believe that’s the case with this “just posted” position for a Content Specialist at Yahoo Search Marketing in Pasadena. The job might be of interest to some of you.

From the listing:

The Content Specialist analyzes Web sites, researches and identifies relevant search terms, and uses Overture’s cutting edge technology to create effective search marketing campaigns for new and existing clients. Works closely with multiple Sales Teams to strategize methods for enhancing CTR and ROI as well as resolve client inquiries and disputes. Works with Customer Services to resolve client issues as necessary. Occasionally, the Content Specialist will interact directly with key advertisers helping to explain where opportunities sit within their online marketing portfolio and how Overture can assist them in driving valuable traffic to their websites.

You’ll find the complete job listing here.

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