Google’s Offer to Provide Free WiFi in Mountain View is a Go

This story from the San Jose Mercury News report that Google’s offer free WiFi throughout their hometown of Mountain View, California, is a go.

City leaders unanimously accepted Google’s offer Tuesday night to make Mountain View the first city in the Bay Area — and possibly the country — to get a full umbrella of free WiFi coverage. Google will install as many as 400 transmitters the size of a shoe box on streetlamps throughout the city

The story goes on to say that Google’s WiFi contract with the city is for five years and will begin by June.

Google is also testing its WiFi idea at Rockefeller Center in New York and Union Square in San Francisco. In its offer, Google product manager Minnie Ingersoll said the company wants to use Mountain View as a test site to learn more about the cost and the challenges of building and supporting a wireless network, with the ultimate aim of driving more traffic to Google.

Perfect, now I can surf the web AND enjoy a Double-Double (animal style, please) at the same time In-N-Out Burger when I visit Mountain View. (-:

Much more about the Google/WiFi in Mountain View story in the San Jose Mercury News article: Mtn. View accepts Google’s offer of free WiFi.

As you know, Google is also one of seventeen companies bidding to provide free WiFi service throughout the city of San Francisco placing radios on 1900 lamp posts and in buildings. You can read more about the San Francisco proposal here.

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