Google Temporarily Halts New Users from Registering for Analytics Service

Over on the Blogs, Garrett Rogers reports in the article: Google Analytics stops at 234,725 accounts, that Google is temporarily limiting the number of new users who can sign-up for Google Analytics service that became free (for many users) last week.

Rogers writes:

According to the Google Analytics “sign up” page, they have temporarily disallowed people from signing up. They also removed the “Add new profile” link from inside analytics which previously allowed a single account to track up to 40 different Web sites. With 234,725 Analytics accounts created (and probably over 200,000 additional profiles), Google has went from tracking zero to almost half a million in about a week.”

The sign-up on the Google Analytics site now notifies new users when they can register.

More comment and analysis from Nathan at Inside Google and Om.

One comment left on the InsideGoogle post points out that a temporary “closing” of new services (like we’ve also seen with Google Web Accelerator and Google Earth) might be as much about marketing as it is about “overwhelmed” technology. I think this is a good point. Temporarily shutting registration down keeps people talking (as in this post), buzz going, and interest/demand at a high level. Sure, many might be upset (for various reasons) but might this be an example of any mention being a good mention.

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