Feedster Beta Tests “FeedRank” Sort and WordPress Only Search

I noticed a change on one of Feedster’s UIs today (the one at FeedSter.net to be specific) that allows a searcher to choose to see their results sorted by “FeedRank” in addition to being to date or relevance sorts. The FeedRank sort is a beta and is NOT visible on the primary Feedster.com url.

So, what is FeedRank? How does it differ from other sorting options? According to Feedster’s CTO, Scott Johnson, FeedRank is a very early beta that was “tossed up” on Feedster’s developer site to see how users would react to it. Scott told me that, “essentially what it does is to search at both the feed AND post level and attempts to give you posts from the best blogs matching your query.” He added that in the next week or so Feedster will join several other search tools and allow users to tweak the weighting of FeedRank results using a graphical “slider”.

Btw, in other Feedster news, they’re now offering (beta) a WordPress only “Content from blogs on WordPress.com” search. More on the Feedster blog.

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