Daily SearchCast, Nov. 22, 2005: Google & Library Of Congress Team On World Digital Library; Google Growth & Growth Issues; Yahoo Gains Famed AltaVista Alumnus Broder; Search Gains In Popularity; Froogle Gets Local Product Search & More!

Today’s search podcast covers Google funding a US Library of Congress-backed
World Digital Library project to digitize important works from around the world,
the rival and preexisting Open Content Alliance backed by Yahoo, MSN and the
Internet Archive that aims to do much the same thing; Google’s strength in
growing cheap and plentiful data centers and bandwidth but growth hindrances in
the form of security issues and not meeting demand, Yahoo gaining a key
AltaVista scientist Andrei Broder; Froogle gaining a way to search for products
in local bricks-and-mortar stores, new Add To Google & Save To Yahoo My Web
Buttons for site owners and much more!

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