Google and Yahoo talking to CBS About a “Slew” of Video Opportunities

Although this Reuters article is headlined: CBS says in talks with Google for video search, it also points out that CBS has also been talking with Yahoo about video search and on-demand video.

“We’re talking to them about a whole slew of things including video-on-demand, including video search,” [CBS chairman Leslie] Moonves told Reuters in an interview regarding Google, ahead of Reuters’s Media and Advertising Summit next week…CBS’s discussions have not been restricted to Google and have also included talks with Yahoo, although deals with none of them have yet been struck.

It’s worth noting that the recent availability of the premiere episode of “What About Chris” on Google Video came via a deal with UPN. This network is owned by the parent of CBS, Viacom.

At the moment, multimedia engines like BlinkxTV make some news content from CBS available. Other multimedia engines ncluding AOL Video Search also offers programming (clips, previews, behind the scenes material) from HBO, CNN, and others. HBO, CNN, and AOL are all owned by Time Warner.

Postscript: Actually, CBS already has a video content deal with Yahoo for news content It was announced in May when Yahoo Video Search left beta.

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