AOL High Quality Video Downloads, AOL Triton IM Gets Search Box & Sharing MSNBC Articles Via MSN Messenger

AOL is running an new trial of "high quality" video you can download, AOL’s Triton IM tool has a new search box and MSNBC news articles can now be shared via MSN Messenger. More below on these features:

+ AOL Hi-Q? Video Video Trial
First, a new beta from AOL that I’ve been using for about a week without running into any problems or concerns. It uses a Windows client (sorry Mac users) that downloads “High Quality” video content (in terms of video quality) directly to your computer. They’re calling it the AOL® Hi-Q? Video Trial. Videos can be viewed on-demand or downloaded automatically in the background when your system is idle. You can even subscribe to certain content types and have the files delivered/downloaded automatically. Presently, the available content consists of movie previews, celebrity interviews, music videos, games tips and original AOL programming but I would be willing to bet will see much more content delivered using this approach in the future. This just might be the way (at least in concept) that will see (no pun intended) high quality video content will be delivered to computers in the future.

AOL IM Triton Released
Along with a bunch of new features, the new AOL Triton IM release has a search box built into the IM box. MSN Messenger offers a shared search option (along with a search box in the client) while Yahoo Instant Messenger also provides a search box built into the IM client.

+ MSNBC News Articles via IM
Most MSNBC news posts now have a link at the bottom of each article that allow you to share the item via MSN Messenger. You’ll need to use IE. More in this blog post.

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