New Search Shortcuts from Yahoo

The Yahoo Search Blog points out that they’ve added a couple of new search shortcuts (They have about thirty now). What’s new?

+ Movie Trailers
Add the term “trailer” to your movie title query. Here’s an example. If available, links to trailers appear near the top of the page

+ Movie Showtimes and Maps
Just search a title and a location by entering a title and location or the trigger word “showtimes” and a location. Actually, I blogged about a Yahoo movie showtime shortcut over a year ago. However, the links to ratings and maps are new.

Btw, Ask Jeeves has offered a movie “Smart Search” on web results pages since May of 2004. The Smart Answer box often contains an image of the movie poster and links to trailers, the official site, and reviews (via Rotten Tomatoes). These Smart Answers are available for both new films as well as many cinema classics.

Google also offers links to movie info on web results pages.

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