30 Days To Turn An Online Profit

Jennifer Laycock has been running a great series, "Zero Cash, A Little Talent
& 30 Days" to see if she could set up a new business and turn a profit within a
month. I’ve eagerly read each installment about her new business, The Lactivist
Store, where she’s selling a range of merchandise for those who want to help
support breastfeeding. Jennifer’s finally hit some new installments that are
specifically of interest to search marketers. Here’s a rundown:

While Jennifer started out with the store, she’s since gained a blog and a
web site. Overall, she now runs:

  • The Lactivist: Her web site
    that unites information from her store, her blog and has information about
    milk banks.
    Jennifer’s a long time milk bank donor, helping infants that benefit from
    having mother’s milk. Until this summer when I heard of her doing this, I had
    no idea milk banks even existed! The site helps explain the importance and
    safety of such banks.
  • The Lactivist Blog: Her
    blog where she’s posting information relating to breastfeeding.
  • The Lactivist Store:
    Where her project began, a place where you can purchase t-shirts that promote
    breastfeeding with humorous slogans.

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