Yahoo Sponsored Search Simulation Job & Google After API Developer Relation Specialist

You know me, I’m always perusing job listings to see if I can spot
interesting positions of tnterest to SEW Blog Readers or new services/trends
that might be coming soon. Today, two interesting job openings popped up, one
involving "sponsored search simulation" at Yahoo and the other at Google to help
reach out to developers.

First, over at Yahoo. How’s this for a job title:

Engineering Manager – Sponsored Search Simulation

You’ve heard of war games, well now it’s search games:

We are looking for a highly technical, hands on, experienced manager to
lead the Marketplace Simulation and Forecasting project in Yahoo Search
Marketing…You will be responsible for leading a small team of engineers and
analysts, working closely with software architects, business and product
managers, to build out a robust, reliable, high performance platform to be
used in the testing, evaluation, and forecast of new marketplace design

Meanwhile, a few exits away in Mountain View at Google…

Google: Developer
Relations Specialist – Mountain View

Are you interested in promoting Google’s API’s and open source initiatives?
Google says:

Google is looking for a candidate who can advocate Google open source
technologies and APIs to developers and create vibrant communities around
them. The candidate will be responsible for the overall planning, budgeting,
execution and success of developer outreach projects and will work primarily
with Google engineering. Secondarily, the candidate will act as a liaison with
our Legal, PR/Marketing and recruiting personnel.

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