UK: Directory Adds Genealogy Services

Netimperative reports that popular UK-based suite of directory databases, has added a genealogy service to its list of online offerings that also include business lookup, a people finder databases with material from electoral rolls, and maps/directions.

From the article:

192Genealogy uses the firm?s present day residential data sets, which total over 160 million listings with over 300 million births, marriages and deaths records stretching back to 1837, the year Queen Victoria ascended the throne. The firm has also added the 1861 Census, the year Abraham Lincoln became president of the US, which includes details of ancestors occupations as well as a range of historical facts that let people step discover their own personal family history or possibly the history of their home. Keith Marsden, managing director of, said: ?There is no other site that provides the depth of detail that we can on both individuals and their properties. By adding a layer of historical data across this information, people can build a comprehensive family tree for relatives that will allow them to discover not only their family┬╣s past but new family from the present that they may never know they had.?

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