Gollum and Other Wikipedia Search Tools

News.com reports about a new “Wikipedia Browser” named Gollum that comes from German web developer, Harald Hanek.

In my opinion the interface of Wikipedia is too overloaded and confusing,” Hanek says on the Gollum site. “So let’s get an easy to use interface.”

A dowloadable beta is coming soon according to the web site but at the moment the web interface appears very easy to use. Simply select a language for the pull-down menu (19 languages are listed) and the select which version of Wikipedia you want to use (English, French, German, etc.). Next, click the Gollum interface and a “browser” window opens. Unfortunately, when I tested Gollum a few minutes ago, I kept running into an error messages. I’ll have to try later.

The article goes on to mention that the Wikipedia Foundation is not involved in any way with Gollum’s development.

Want more Wikipedia tools? Here are two:

+ Answers.com Creates One-Click Answers Tool for Wikipedia Content
This new service (coming soon) was formed in a partnership between Answers.com and the Wikipedia Foundation.

+ Wikipedia Plus Dynamic Search Term Suggestions = WikiWax
“Surfwax has just launched its LookAhead search term suggestion technology combined with Wikipedia into a new site calledWikiWax. Over 600,000 Wikipedia index terms are listed with more than 2,000,000 LookAhead rotations available. Remember, you’ll see LookAhead offering suggested entries prior to clicking the search button.”

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