Keyword Searching of Podcasts Using a Variety of Tools

Kim Zetter’s Wired News article, Podcast Chaos Be Gone, takes a look at some of the search tools out there that allow you to keyword search the transcripts (creating using speech recognition technology) of podcasts and then allow to listen online. Several have been mentioned on the SEW Blog in the past. They include:
+ Podzinger
+ Blinkx
+ Podscope

The article focuses on the new Podzigner service from Boston-based BBN. The company says they plan to, “roll out similar tools the public can use to search online video and radio content, but is focusing first on podcasts because of their recent popularity boom.”

A couple of quick comments in addition to my comments in the article:

+ “Podscope has operated a keyword search engine for video and radio broadcasts since 1999.” This fee-based service is called TVEyes and I did mention its name to the writer several times. Here’s an interview from Robin Good with the TVEyes CEO, David Ivess.

+ I also mentioned that fee-based services like ShadowTV, and CriticalMention also
offer near real-time searching of TV and some radio and have been around for years.

+ StreamSage and Nexidia are also doing work in transcript search

+ Finally, Podscope will also index non-podcast material as we pointed out in this blog post. Blinkx also indexes video blogs.

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