“Hypermaps” of Boston From StrataVarious Using Google, MSN, and Yahoo Maps

The StrataVarious HyperMap Atlas comes from Boston based StrataVarious and are available in three mashup flavors: Google Maps, MSN Virtual Earth, and Yahoo Maps. Trust me folks, this is some cool stuff for both Boston residents and those who plan to visit the city. It’s also a great way to look at the mapping services from all three companies.

Here are three examples of a just a few (and I mean few) features. It seemed like with every click I discovered something new.

Via Yahoo Maps
1) Select Landmarks (right side of page)
2) Click Faneuil Hall (note the Faneuil Hall circle appears on the map)
3) Locate the box (lower right corner) and find info about the history of the location, a photo, tourist info, and a link to “zoom-in” with incredible detail. I believe these maps come from StrataVarious.

Via MSN Virtual Earth
1) Select Landmarks
2) Select “Back Bay” located in the box in the right column
3) Click Fenway Park (Home of the Boston Red Sox)
4) Now, look for Fenway info and click Zoom-in
5) A new map should appear. Now, click “Air” and get a great aerial image of the stadium

Via Google Maps
1) Click Colleges
2) Select Boston University
3) Click Zoom-In
4) Click “Air” and once again and aerial view of the location

Again, I just selected just the tip of the iceberg. Spend some time with these tools. Cool, useful, and fun!

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