AOL Mobile Search Exits Beta

Late word from AOL that after about a four month beta period, AOL Mobile Search (you can take a look with a regular web browser) is being officially released today. I’ve posted the complete news release here but from the way it reads and from what I can see on my mobile browser, things are pretty much (from the searcher perspective) the same as they were when AOL Mobile Search launched in beta mode in July. I provided a full rundown then. If I spot anything new, I’ll make sure to postscript this post.

Key Features of AOL Mobile Search
+ View web all web pages via mobile phone or device. Pages not optimized for mobile browsers are automatically adapted and converted using technology licensed from Israel’s InfoGin. Btw, I believe AOL Mobile Web Search is still the only major mobile web search service to include paid listings on results pages.

+ Mobile Access to AOL’s Pinpoint Comparison Shopping Service

+ Access to AOL Mobile Yellow Pages with easy click access to dial numbers and view MapQuest maps.

Show Me the Money, I Mean Revenue
AOL and its partners will generate revenue when users click on sponsored links in each of our three mobile search services: Web search, Yellow Pages search, and Shopping search.

Postscript: The AOL Mobile Portal is located here.

Postscript 2: As Kevin points out, some AOL Mobile Yellow Page listings are enabled with Ingenio pay-per-call. Other (non pay-per-call) listings also allow you (if your browser offers this feature) to dial direct from the directory entry.

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