A Look at Working at Ask Jeeves

I’m regularly posting about job openings and working life at Google, Yahoo and MSN. However, I don’t think I’ve ever included any job listings or stories about Ask Jeeves. About two weeks ago (we missed this article), the San Francisco Chronicle offered a profile of what it’s like to work for AJ in the article: Bay Area Premier Employers, Ask Jeeves, Inc.

[Glen] Sunnergren, [senior vice president of human resources] who joined the company four years ago, says that one of the reasons why Ask Jeeves is a great place to work is that the company doesn’t have a bureaucracy or hierarchical structure. “Our size is an advantage,” he said. “We are collaborative by nature. . . . You have to be quick, agile and collaborative to get work done here.

Ask Jeeves lists job openings at AskJeevesCareers.com.

Postscript: Speaking of working at AJ, Saqib Mausoof, Business Intelligence manager, shares about his experiences on the AJ blog about taking some time off and going to Pakistan to help in the relief efforts after the devestating earthquake that took place few months ago.

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