Millions of eBay Items Now Searchable on MSN Shopping

Just in time for the holiday shopping season and interesting move from MS. You can now search MSN Shopping and find items up for auction or for sale on eBay and still get access to many of the refinements available on the actual eBay site.

The MSN Shopping Insider blog reports that items listed on eBay are now directly searchable via MSN Shopping. According to the post, you’ll find both auction items and fixed priced items ready for immediate sale.

From the blog post:

Inventory on eBay is constantly changing and in order to bring our consumers the freshest catalog of choices possible, we parse, load, classify and match the tens of millions of eBay items on a daily basis. We have invested in building out our software platform to handle such high churn workloads and have expanded our server infrastructure to efficiently and quickly ingest the inventory available on eBay, along with the catalogs of our existing merchants and aggregators. All told, we sift through hundreds of millions of items every day.

The post goes on to mention that along with the actual items, search refinements such as “auction sort” and the ability to see the number of auctions available for a specific item. The blog post has a screen cap.

Here’s another MSN/eBay search. Item details provided on an MSN Shopping page. After clicking on the desired item the searcher is then sent to the specific item entry on the eBay site.

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