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Since Danny has a new personal blog up and running, I thought I would take just a brief moment of your time and invite you to visit/bookmark/whatever what have become known around here as Gary’s “other sites” or blogs. I wouldn’t call them personal but I hope you call them useful and interesting.

+ ResourceShelf
It’s been updated just about everyday for more than four years (even from a cruise ship in the Caribbean) with search news, library news (some of which might be of interest to SEW types), technical reports on info retrieval, and new documents that might be useful in a library reference collection. These days, much of the search news also comes from my writing on SEW Blog.

It’s primary audience has always been librarians and (I am one) and people in the info industry. However, good news, many non-librarians are becoming users of the site. We offer a full text feed and a weekly e-mail reminder. Btw, even in this day of RSS, the email reminder is still quite popular. In fact, many people have told me that they look at our feed because of the email that get each week.

ResourceShelf is put together a group of other librarians. I’ve learned that it’s ok to ask for help (sleep is important). ResourceShelf and DocuTicker are also part of Willco, home to another great research and reference tool, FreePint.

+ DocuTicker
In the process of compiling ResourceShelf each day we come across plenty of material we don’t have room for. In general they are primary documents from think tanks, government agencies, non-profits, ngo’s, and others. This site has a growing readership with both librarians, journalists, politicos, policy wonks, and news junkies. I’m happy to say that DocuTicker has been recognized by both Yahoo as a “Yahoo Pick” and the Kim Komando radio show with positive reviews. A full text RSS feed is also available. My librarian colleague and friend, Shirl Kennedy, is a major contributor to the site.

So, that’s it. SEW Blog, ResourceShelf and DocuTicker (aka Gary’s other blogs). We hope you find them useful.

Postscript: Oops, forgot to mention that using WinkSite, ResourceShelf and DocuTicker are now available (beta) on your mobile browser. Winksite sure made it easy to get going. Point your mobile browsers to:

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