How Does Ask Jeeves Get Its Advertising Point Across?

Along with the awesome coverage by Barry and Phoenix of SES Chicago, here’s another story from the SES Cconference via This one takes a look at AJ in the ad marketplace.

+ How Ask Jeeves Competes With the Big Guys

So how does Ask Jeeves get across its unique selling point?

Ask Jeeves principally talks about the unique audience that advertisers have access to through its sponsored listings, said James Speer, vice president of marketing and products of search marketing at IAC Advertising Solutions, Oakland, CA. ?The comScore numbers point to a 10 percent to 12 percent overlay between Ask Jeeves, AOL, Google, MSN and Yahoo,? Speer said. ?What these numbers suggest is that there?s an untapped audience that advertisers can reach through Ask Jeeves? sponsored listings. It?s not a zero-sum game. So we would not ask people to leave Google or Yahoo. Again, it gets back to the unduplicated audience. What we have heard from advertisers is that they?re looking to scale their programs and, to that end, we provide a perfect solution.?

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