Tweaks to Gmail Reported

Google Blogscoped with a nice chunk of info about changes and additions to Gmail. You’ll learn that mail attachments from Word, Acrobat and others can now be viewed at HTML directly in your browser, Gmail sports a “Call and IM for free with Google Talk” advertisement button (let’s cross-promote shall we) and finally, Philipp informs us that Gmail’s “Move to trash” button has been relabeled and now reads “Delete.”

Also now widely avaiable: Gmail Clips. Read your RSS feeds in Gmail. Danny first blogged about Gmail clips becoming available for some users in April. Today’s announcement comes just a few days after Yahoo announced that their Yahoo Mail beta was now offering an RSS reader.

Postscript: ZDNet’s Garrett Rogers has more on new Gmail features including:

From Garrett’s post:

Google will now also scan your emails and display relevant information about things it finds in your email, such as driving directions and package tracking. This mashup information will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen ? probably above the Google ads.

The Google info page makes it clear that, “No humans read the content of your email in order to generate these links and none of them are sponsored by advertisers.” Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see if Google gets any negative feedback from those concerned with privacy.

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