Creativity: The “Hire Me Google” Blog

Score one for creativity. I was looking at a list of brand new domain names and came across this one, It links to a blog and bio to a person (I can’t find his actual name on the blog) in Germany, who wants to work for Google and hopes this blog gets him noticed. At the moment the blog has some recent news (like Google Calendar not launching yesterday) and the following statements:

A lot of people want to work for Google. I’m one of them. In order to increase my chances of ever getting noticed (let alone hired) by them I have to stand out. This is my attempt to do so

In the coming weeks and months I will be writing small apps which in some way utilize or extend the interfaces and features Google already offers. By being creative and efficient I hope to demonstrate Google that I?d make a fine employee.

You’ll also find a list of Google Blogs and a blogroll listing our site, Battelle, Lenssen, Weinberg, and more.

Good luck to this wannabe employee of Eric, Larry, and Sergey.

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