Profile Of Connotate Enterprise Search Company & Fight Over Control Of FAST

The’s Lou Whiteman (via, offers a profile of Connotate, a company that sees what “traditional” engines can’t. The technology comes out of Rutgers University. Meanwhile, enterprise search company FAST is in a control fight.

Pause: Trivia break. Name another popular piece of web search technology (now part of a larger company) that was first developed at Rutgers. Stay tuned for the answer.

Now, back to our story:

The difference between traditional search and Connotate’s offerings is akin to the difference between finding the date the Civil War ended and, say, the current price of oil. Traditional search engines excel at returning static information such as historical dates, but they are less effective in retrieving updated and ever-changing data like energy prices.

The company also claims a deep web/Invisible Web/data mining angle saying that it can find material from a database of over 500 billion web pages including material from database. I’m hoping to demo Connotate soon soon and report back.

Others are doing work in this area real-time search, alert, and deep web arena. Fast Search and Transfer is one company that comes to mind.

Trivia Answer: Teoma was developed at Rutgers Univesity led by Dr. Apostolos Gerasoulis and purchased by Ask Jeeves in 2001. Teoma’s technology now powers the AJ database and Dr. Gerasoulis is Vice President of Research and Development at Ask.

In other news, control of the just mentioned Fast Search and Transfer is an issue according to this Reuters report.

Finally, one of the best speakers about enterprise search is Avi Rappoport of (a great site, btw). Avi is also a librarian. She’s been doing a lot of speaking lately and has placed most of her presentations online. One presentation, “Enterprise Search Overview” was delivered to Dr. Marti Hearst’s class last month at UC Berkeley. Webcast here. Others that have spoken to Dr. Heart’s class include John Battelle, Sergey Brin, Bradley Horowitiz, Sue Dumais, Jan Pedersen, Peter Norvig and many other big names. Danny blogged about the class (all webcasts are still available) and I put together a post about Brin’s appearance that includes a link to the webcast.

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