UK: Thomson Directories and Skype Announce Partnership

How about a large local directory provider and a large VoIP service partnering and tossing in a bit of the click to call concept? Netimperative reports in Skype partners Thomson for local search that access to local directory listings from the Thomson Local Search directory/database will soon be available to users of the Skype web toolbar.

The results of the search will display three sponsored listings at the top of the page and a list of businesses down the left hand side which are then geographically displayed on a map. These business listings have been optimised for one-click calling, which means that any phone numbers shown on the results page can be called using Skype, by clicking on the Skype button.

A quick review of the Skype toolbar download page shows that the company has similar “directory” relationships in other countries. For example, in Germany Skype works with Deutsche Telecom. The Skype toolbar also provides access to results from eBay (makes sense), Ask Jeeves, and Yahoo.

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