Mobile Search: Has Plans to Release Client Software

4INFO, the mobile search and info provider I like and use quite a bit and that has been mentioned many times here on the blog has plans to release some client software will that run on J2ME, BREW, Symbian, BlackBerry, and Palm devices in mid-January, according to the PC Magazine article: From Phone to PC. Currently, 4INFO is available via mobile web, web, and sms (text messaging).

From the article:

The concept isn’t so much about creating new content as it is about refining access to this information…the new client will let you group all your favorite mobile content providers into one feed that you can modify via your PC and browse or query remotely. Your preferences are saved in a 4INFO account, also known as your Digital Locker


If you’re interested checking out what 4INFO is up to, you can sign-up to be on the beta test list here. I’m registered and will report back if/when I receive the beta.

Google recently released a mobile client app of Google Local for some platforms and we’ve also posted about InfoSpace planning a release of client software for mobile devices (it was originally planned to go live in October).

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