New from Yahoo: Manage of All of Your Podcast Subscriptions on a Single Page

Word from Sunnyvale that Yahoo’s has just added a new feature to their podcast directory called My Subscriptions that allows registered Yahoo users to keep track and organize all of their podcast subscriptions on a single page.

If you listen to podcasts right from your browser (no problem, streamed via Windows Media Player), the My Subscriptions page will allow you to easily keep track of all new episodes along with what you have and have not listened to (look for a yellow star icon). An RSS feed of your My Subscriptions page is also available. The page itself includes info about the duration of podcast, file size, publish date, and links to ratings and reviews. Users can also work directly with iTunes and the Yahoo Music Engine (add a series for example) directly from this page on any computer. They can also easily download ‘casts. A “What’s New” bubble at the top of the page lets you know what the newest podcast available on the page.

The Yahoo Podcast directory was released as a beta on the Yahoo Next site in October. Danny offers an extensive overview here.

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