UDDI Business Registry Closing

Way back in 2001, I had a reader or two ask me about UDDI and a business registry that IBM, Microsoft and others were building upon it, which is now closing.

UDDI is the Universal Description, Discovery & Integration protocol. I mentioned it briefly in this article Navigational Keyword Space Heats Up; Watch Those Claims!, but never got back to doing more about the system as I didn’t really see it going anywhere.

Today, I got an email from Microsoft that it was pulling out of the registry:

You are receiving this mail because you have registered as a publisher on the Microsoft node of the UDDI Business Registry (UBR).

The primary goal of the UBR was to prove the interoperability and robustness of the UDDI specifications through a public implementation. This goal was met and far exceeded, and now the UBR is discontinuing its operations. As part of this process the Microsoft UBR node at uddi.microsoft.com will be permanently unavailable for all operations beginning January 12, 2006. Data stored in the UBR may be retrieved until January 12, 2006 and used in accordance with the UDDI Business Registry terms of use available at http://uddi.microsoft.com/policies/termsofuse.aspx. You may find the UDDI Data Export Wizard useful for retrieving your data, and it is available here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=9D467A69-57FF-4AE7-96EE-B18C4790CFFD.

For more information, please see the frequently asked questions related to the UBR discontinuation at http://uddi.microsoft.com/about/FAQshutdown.htm. You may submit feedback to Microsoft at the following location: http://uddi.microsoft.com/contact/default.aspx.

Thank You, Microsoft UDDI Team

IBM and SAP are also pulling out. More details here on why: UBR Shutdown FAQ. UDDI support from these vendors continues, but the associated UDDI Business Registry is closing down.

Software giants ready Web directory from News.com back in 2001 gives you more background on what the vendors thought the registry might do. Microsoft brings keyword search to UDDI from InfoWorld in the same year covers how Microsoft teamed with RealName to bring UDDI into that system. RealNames itself died the next year. Weak security taints directory from Computerworld covers fake listings and verification issues that hit the system that year.

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