Music Searching on the Web

Here are some odds and ends, an opinion or two, and lots of links to a few specialty databases that we didn’t include in today’s SearchDay about Google’s new music search OneBox. They might be of use to those of you with an interest in searching for music and music info.

I think Ask Jeeves makes great use of several sources including one of my all-time favorite web reference databases, as a part of their Smart Search box.

Yahoo also offers some good stuff in the music shortcut arena but I think instead of linking to Yahoo Music for certain shortcut links, they should offer links into to their powerful Yahoo Audio Search service. Yahoo Audio search could be the best illustration to this point of Yahoo’s many new services. Btw, Yahoo Audio Search not only includes music but also podcasts. Here’s a link to my overview of Yahoo Audio Search.

Google would only tell SEW that they licensed track and album info found on their new music service from a “third party.” My hunch (just a hunch and I’m not known as Gary the Gambler) is that it comes from

Actually, Gracenote also offers a basic search tool for consumers on their web site. Results include direct links to purchase music, artist info, and news. I plan a closer look at Gracenote in the future. Btw, the advanced interface seems to work best. To compare, here’s the page from Google for

One more music searching fact. While Google does provide some OneBox results if you search by song lyric, GoFish offers a

We could go on for hours for places to search for music. I’ll mention one more that I’ve been using for years and has a

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