Google Gmail Now Accessible via Mobile Phones

If you’ve got a web-enabled mobile phone and a Gmail account, you can now access your mail on the run. Gmail mobile allows you to get your mail from just about any mobile phone browser, and most of the key features of Gmail are availble in the smaller format as well.

Gmail mobile detects the type of device you’re using, and formats your mail accordingly, meaning you’ll have a different view using a comparatively wide-screen Treo than a smaller Motorola handset. You’ll also be able to view attachments, including Office files and PDF documents.

Gmail mobile also synchs with your computer-based account, so messages read on your phone will display as read next time you log into Gmail on your computer.

Another cool feature is “call to reply.” If you have saved the phone number of an email sender in your contacts list, you have the option to reply via email or by calling them on the phone when using Gmail mobile.

Google has also added a vacation autoresponder and the ability to create contact groups to Gmail, features available both on the web and through Gmail mobile.

To access Gmail mobile, just enter on your mobile phone browser.

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