New Year Will Bring New Look to Yahoo Search Results Pages; Shorter Descriptions for Sponsored Listings

Several people (thank you) have shared with us a copy of an email that was sent to Yahoo Search Marketing customers this afternoon. It announces that Yahoo Search web results pages will have a new, what thay call “streamlined design,” beginning January 18, 2006. I’ve posted the full text of the letter, here.

The letter explains what this new look will mean for YSM customers/advertisers.

Highlights from the Letter:

+ Yahoo will display shorter descriptions for Sponsored
Search listing
+ Users need to do nothing, ads will automatically shortened
+ If you’d like to optimize your listings for Yahoo, begin your description with one short sentence that includes your keyword and focuses on your most important information in the first 70 characters
+ We will fine tune the exact character count that we believe works best for advertisers and search users
+ Most of our partners, including MSN, CNN, ESPN and Infospace, will still display longer descriptions for your Sponsored Search listings, though the exact length may vary from partner to partner

According to the letter, research has shown that making results pages easier for users to read will generally provide an increase in clicks, while maintaining conversion rates.

I’m sure after the holidays, if not sooner, we will not only learn more but also literally “see” what the new results pages will look like.

Earlier today, I posted about some changes to the Yahoo “uncluttered”, interface.

Want to Discuss? It’s already underway in this SEW Forums thread.

Postscript: An Yahoo Rep has answered a few questions in our forum.

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