New Look for MSN Shopping Price Comparison Pages

MSN Shopping has been mentioned in several posts over the past few months.

Yesterday, Mike Gordon, Lead Product Manager, blogged about enhancements to price information pages and a some minor tweaks to the user interface.

Gordon writes:

This page allows MSN Shopping customers to compare all the offers for standard products like consumer electronics, books and movies. Instead of sorting offers purely by price, the page now sorts offers by condition first, then price. Offers for new items are listed first, sorted by price; then refurbished items, sorted by price; then used items, sorted by price; and lastly, items where the seller did not specify condition.

Our consumer testing shows that most MSN Shopping users prefer to shop for new goods, though many are interested in being able to compare prices for refurbished and used items as well. They can do both on our new page, without having to check a separate page for refurbished or used items, as many of our competitors require.

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