New Issue Of Information Science Publication Focuses On “Paid Search”

Here’s a bunch of new reading for your reading lists. The December/Januaury Issue of the Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) is new online (free). This issue of the Bulletin was, edited by Dr. Bernard Jansen from Penn State University and features a look at what’s termed “paid search.” Now, just to find some time to read all of this interesting material. (-:

Dr. Jansen writes:
There is growing interest in information searching research that focuses on the environmental aspects of searchers,…However, there has been little consideration of paid search, an increasingly popular and uniquely contextual form of information interaction on the Web. Paid search is a distinctive type of interaction that combines both information push -and -pull and is increasingly important in locating information on the Web.

Here are titles, authors, and links to the articles that focus on paid search:

+ Paid Search as an Information Seeking Paradigm
Bernard J. Jansen

+ Clicking Instead of Walking: Consumers Searching for Information in the Electronic Marketplace
Kuan-Pin Chiang

+ Sponsored Search: A Brief History
Daniel C. Fain and Jan O. Pedersen

+ The Power of Understanding: Switching Paradigms with Your Target Customer in Search Marketing
Gord Hotchkiss

+ Repeat Search Behavior: Implications for Advertisers
Nico Brooks

+ The Flip Side of Fear: Marketing to the Empowered Consumer
Tim Armstrong

+ Click Fraud
Brendan Kitts, Benjamin LeBlanc, Ryan Meech and Parameshvyas Laxminarayan

+ The Value Implications of the Practice of Paid Search
Michael Zimmer

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