The “Switching to Gmail” Guide from Google

While I was doing some work this weekend I came what appears to be a new “guide” from Google that’s designed to assist users of other email services in a switch to Gmail. Yes, more good marketing from Mountain View.

The “Switching to Gmail” guide is a set of pages where, after the user enters their current, non-Gmail address (note that they use Yahoo Mail and Hotmail in an example), they receive a customized guide (based on the current service) to switch to the still beta, Gmail.(-:

A non-customized guide “generic” guide is available here.

The guide includes how to handle importing contacts, announcing your new Gmail address, reminding friends that you’ve switched, and what to do if you’re keeping your old address.

Postscipt: If you want to see what a customized guide looks like, just enter any email address for a service where customized guides are available. If a customized guide isn’t available, you’re sent to the generic page.
Examples: Hotmail or Yahoo Mail.

At this point I noticed that customized guides aren’t available for services like AOL, Earthlink, or However, I did come across a personalized guide for Comcast mail users.

Google can also use the info (the email addresses) entered into the address box for market research purposes. I wonder if they also offer accounts to people who might not have Gmail accounts when they review the pages? I just entered one of my addresses from a major service. I’ll let you know if I get an invite.

Postscript 2: For more Gmail info (including some switching to Gmail info), check Philipp’s Unofficial Gmail FAQ.

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