Ask Jeeves Plans to Grow Personnel Ranks in 2006

Jonathan Berr, reports in The story: Diller Asks Jeeves to Grow, that AJ management has been charged by IAC/InterActive CEO, Barry Diller, to grow the company in terms of personnel. AJ’s CEO, Steve Berkowitz, tells Berr to look for an increase of about 20% in staffing.

From the article:

The expansion comes as Jeeves, which employs 650 workers now, posts solid gains in traffic but remains overshadowed by its more famous and deeper-pocketed rivals. IAC shares are down 10% for the year…”What we really want to do is grow share,” says Berkowitz, who has headed Ask Jeeves since 2001, in an interview. “A lot of stuff is going to be happening” next year.

Last week, I posted that new NetRatings numbers showed that AJ had a 77% increase in search volume during a five month period that ended in October.

Want to work at Ask Jeeves? Here’s their job openings database.

Thanks to Barry at SER for the news tip.

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