Ask Jeeves Adds Translations, Pronunciations & Synonym Lookups

Word from Oakland today that Ask Jeeves has just added page translation, easier synonym lookups and definitions with pronunciations. Details and examples have just been posted on the AJ Blog.

What’s New?

+ Page translations
Note the 2nd and 3rd listings on the results page tbat have new “translate the page” links next to the title. Translation is powered by Reverso Translation software. Like with all mechanical translations, caveat emptor.

+ Improved Dictionary Smart Answers
Definitions now come The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Terms like define [foo] or what does [foo] mean, trigger the dictionary feature. In some cases, you’ll also find a direct link to a thesaurus for the term.

Also, clicking the hyperlink for any term you’re defining will take you to even more definitions and info about the word. Ask calls these full reference pages.

Along with the link to a theasurus available via the dictionary, you can access synonyms directly by using trigger words like:
+ Another word for run
* Synonyms for travel
* speaker synonyms
Each synonym is hyperlinked to a dictionary definition of the term. Synonyms also have full “reference pages.”

+ Along with reading a text definition, AJ allows you to hear each word pronounced (assuming your computer has a sound card and speakers/headphones). Click the sound icon and you’ll hear the term delivered as a wave file.

Let’s hope 2006 as is strong of a year for AJ’s Smart Answers as 2005 was.

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