CiteSeer Offers New Feature; Mirrors of Database Also Added

Years before Google Scholar was launched, Professor Lee Giles, from Penn State University was online with a specialty database named CiteSeer (some also might also know it as ResearchIndex). CiteSeer search technology continues to be developed. This database offers access to “scholarly literature” found on the open web in several disciplines including information technology, computer science, telecom, and more. It’s a GREAT tool (a clear understatement). More than five years ago when Chris and I were co-authoring The Invisible Web, it was one of our favorite tools to write and talk about. It remains on my select list of resources that are a must for any researcher in the fields I’ve listed above.

So, why mention it today?

Dr. Giles has informed me that:

+ CiteSeer now offers “acknowledgement search.”
He writes:

You can search the acknowledgements of all papers in CiteSeer for funding agencies, individuals, deities, etc. To my knowledge, we are the first to do this.

+ I’ve also noticed tht the CiteSeer database and search interface is now mirrored at:
++ MIT
++ University of Zürich
++ National University of Singapore

CiteSeer, Smeal Search and More
Another database, SMEALSearch, is available. It uses the CiteSeer crawling and search technology to make “scholarly” papers available for those with a research interest in business.

+ CiteSeer received an honorable mention in the 5th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards.

+ In June, legendary librarian and reference reviewer, Peter Jacso, published a review of Google Scholar and had some very positive comments about CiteSeer.

+ On a personal note, the work of Dr. Lee Giles continues to be of the most important inspirations/motivators in my interest in specialty search tools. This ResourceShelf post offers links to learn more about his work. Even more here.

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