4info.net Adds New Services for Mobile Web Users

4info.net is a mobile search service (SMS, Web, Mobile Web) that we’ve blogged about a lot in 2005 and I continue to be impressed with. I also use it on a very regular basis. The San Francisco company is ending the year with even more search tools for the mobile web user.

The following links will take you to pages with more info about the service and how to access it. A mobile emulator also allows you to demo or use the service via a regular web browser.

+ Package Tracking
Track FedEx or UPS packages.

+ Hotel Rates

+ News Headlines
Enter a keyword, city name or Zip Code.

+ Fantast Sports Alerts
“Set up text message alerts whenever your fantasy player scores, turns the ball over, or at the end of each period. Currently available for NFL, NHL, NBA.” Logon to My4info.net for more info.

+ Enhanced Sports, Rankings and Standings:
“We’ve also added the ability to query for college and professional sports rankings and/or standings. Try texting “ncaab rankings” or “nba pacific standings” to 44636 find out how your favorite teams are doing.”

Here’s A List of a Few Key 4info.net Postings from 2005
+ Mobile Search: 4Info.net Has Plans to Release Client Software

+ Accessing Flight Info on the Web

+ 4INFO Releases Directory of Mobile Web Sites
This small but growing directory was a welcome addition this year! I hope it stays as dynamic as the mobile web and continues to be updated with new services.

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