Ask Jeeves Drops “Jeeves” Part In France

We know that Ask Jeeves has promised a rebranding to come, with the
smart money
being on shortening the name to Ask and showing Jeeves the butler the door. Now
Barry over at Search Engine Roundtable
spots a Cre8asite
remarking how in France, it’s simply
Ask France
— not Ask Jeeves France. Barry also finds the same in Japan and

The French site went up earlier this month, as Abondance reports in French
here. Still no
sign of it being Ask With ExpertRank technology, however. We talked about how
that might be coming here:
Ask Jeeves To
Rebrand Tech As ExpertRank Inside?
As for the butler, while he might be out
of the name, he’s still featured prominently on the home page.

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