Yahoo Begins Offering Online Access to Four Episodes of CBS Sitcoms

News from Yahoo today that they are ending 2005 by providing access to four complete episodes of recently aired CBS sitcoms available for online steaming/viewing in what they’re calling the CBS Comedy Bowl.

It’s part of a trend we will likely see more and more of in 2006 from all of the video search providers (Google, AOL, Yahoo, Blinkx and others), that of exclusive content, often for a specific period of time, that allows viewers the chance to watch a show or shows streamed to their computer.

You’ll find two “encore” episodes of “Two and a Half Men” and two episodes “How I Met Your Mother” available here along with info about both shows. You’ll also find links on the Yahoo Video Search home page.

The shows can by viewed online by any Yahoo user around the globe. They’ll be available until next Monday (Jan. 2, 2006).

Recently, we posted about a story Reuters that was headlined: “Google, CBS in talks on video search, on-demand” or “CBS says in talks with Google for video search.” However, if you read the completele story, it clearly pointed out that Yahoo was also talking with CBS. Actually, clips and previews from CBS programs were part of an announcement Yahoo Video Search made in May.

Here’s a look at some of the other “exclusive” video stories we posted in 2005:

+ Google and UPN Announce Deal to Stream Video of Recently Aired TV Premiere
Note: UPN and CBS are both a part of Viacom. In 2005, Yahoo began providing paid listings on several Viacom sites.
+ Yahoo Offers “Exclusive” Clip from New Harry Potter Film
+ Yahoo Gets Fat (Debut of Fat Actress on Yahoo)
+ Back in 2004, AOL streamed the pilot episode of a WB program, before it aired on television.

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