New Entry: Medio Joins Mobile Search Space in U.S.

Earlier this month, the Red Herring story: Medio to Debut Mobile Search, looked at Seattle based Medio, joining other companies in the U.S. mobile search space. The company already offers its service in Europe in a deal with Nokia.

The Medio site shows client software available for various phones. It included the following passage:

Searches are federated and results collected amongst numerous databases. These databases are all generated by mobile-centric crawlers or filtered from web-centric real-time feeds.

Yes, federated database searching. Something I’ve been talking about for a long time. (-: One client, one interface, many databases. Federated searching mobile or non-mobile coupled with personalization (which database(s) do I choose) continues to gain steam. From a searcher standpoint, a personalized, single interface, will be easy to use and easy to learn. Plus, it’s easy to see contextual advertising and sponsorship opportunities directly on the client for advertisers.

According to the Medio CEO, the U.S. roll-out would be gradual to 4-5 million users but the wireless provider that Medio is working with was not provided. Some searching on my part proved useless. I’ll dig more next week.

You can read more about Medio in this October article from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. In October, Medio received 11 million in venture capital financing from Frazier Technology Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Dot Edu Ventures and others.

Recently, I blogged that 4INFO and InfoSpace are both planning to offer a mobile search client software. The InfoSpace client was supposed to become available two months ago.

Will client software (remember, Google just launched a client for Google Maps) for mobile searching be a big story of the new year?

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